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  • JITA


    Jita is part of a large hive of very hardworking bees, the problem is that she is a very lazy bee that does not want to work.

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  • ¿Por qué mataron a Betty?

    ¿Por qué mataron a Betty?

    One victim, seven suspects. They are all guilty. ``Why Did They Kill Betty?`` is a comedy, full of mystery with a touch of sarcasm and black humor that alludes to the era of the Mexican Golden Cinema.

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  • Calavera con calavera

    Calavera con calavera

    The story narrates the life of Timoteo Burgos, and his family, who all their lives have been in search of happiness without achieving it.

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  • Los pastores a Belén

    Los pastores a Belén

    Gila and Juan who try to get to Bethlehem by order of the Angel Gabriel, guided by the beautiful Star of Bethlehem, but on the way they will meet the evil Lucifer who will set traps so they do not reach their destination.

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