“Indigo” is a story in which discrimination and racism are exposed towards different ethnic groups during the year 1845, when Mexico still claImed the land known as California.


2007 – St. Dominic Center

2008 – St. Dominic Center

2008 – St. Leo Magno

2009 – St. Ambrose

Purpose: We presented this production four times in two consecutive years with the aim of raising funds for the Catholic organization “Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil” (EPJ).

Written by: Eddie González



“Erase Una Vez” is a satire of Little Red Riding Hood that mocks with the Mexican double entendre way of speaking. It’s about a “manly” little girl, Cape, on her way to her Grandmother’s house, but is more concerned in finding—true love? No, finding a man to feed her desires, and with the help of her cricket friend, Cric, they encounter chaos in the woods.


2009 – MECA

Purpose: “Erase Una Vez” was strictly produced to mock the comedy Mexican’s are known for; double entendre. This served as way to entertain our audience, but also distribute how a comedic Mexican language.

Written by: Eddie González



“La Esposa Que Nunca Fue” touches the issues of psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia through the story of Olga Soledad.


2010 – Centro Latino of the Performing Arts

2012 – Talento Bilingue de Houston (TBH)

2014 – Talento Bilingue de Houston (TBH)

Purpose: This theatrical performance aims to raise awareness on mental health disorders and bullying.

Written by: Eddie González



“Abuso” is a story that revolves in an apartment complex, where various families are involved in a series of domestic violence events. Characters slowly intertwine with each other’s stories, creating more chaos into their lives.


2010 – Centro Latino of the Performing Arts

2012 – Midtown Art Center

Purpose: “Abuso” is a theatrical play we produced to educate the viewers about domestic violence; the original play even has its own musical theme (of the same name).

Written by: Eddie González


“Doña Barbara” is an adaptation of the Venezuelan novel by Rómulo Gallegos. The main character of this production portraits a strong female character.


2011 – Obsidian Theatre

2011 – Plaza Americas

2016 – Talento Bilingue de Houston (TBH)

Purpose: The purpose of this production is to promote Hispanic writers.

Novel by: Rómulo Gallegos, Adapted to a play by: Eddie González


“Estigma Seropositivo” tells the story of a successful writer, Laura Flores, who was brave to speak out about her struggles living with HIV.


2012 – Crystal Night Club

2012 – Mexican Consulate

2013 – Lone Star College

2014 – Southwest Community Center

2015 – Talento Bilingue de Houston (TBH)

2016 – Magnolia Multi-Service Center

Purpose: This theatrical performance educates the community and combats the stigma and discrimination surrounding people diagnosed with HIV.

Written by: Eddie González



“Prejuicio” depicts the modern-day prejudice and discrimination towards the LGBT community. The characters in this play suffer as a result of social norms that force them into the shadows in a world full of lies.


2013 – Midtown Art Center

2014 – Viviana’s Night Club

2014 – Southwest Multi-Service Center

Purpose: This theatrical performance wishes to empower the LGBT community to seek acceptance and promoted respect among the diverse society.

Written by: Eddie González



Rosa is a middle-aged woman, and breast cancer survivor; she is a singer, trying to write a song with a strong message to help other women check themselves before it’s too late.


2014 – South West Ripley Multi Service Center

Purpose: Breast Cancer Awareness was the main purpose to write this play and present it for free for the community.

Written by: Eddie González


“Calavera con Calavera” invites the public to learn the history of the Burgos family during the night they reunite to celebrate Día de Los Muertos. Mystery ensues when the famous Catrina begins to appear, and secrets are unraveled, leaving the audience guessing who is dead or alive.


2014 – Midtown Art Center

2015 – Midtown Art Center

2015 – Talento Bilingüe de Houston

2016 – Midtown Art Center

2016 – Talento Bilingüe de Houston

2016 Day of the Dead Block Party (Short Kid-Friendly Version)

2017 Talento Bilingüe de Houston

2017 Dual Language School (Short Kid-Friendly Version)

2017 Day of the Dead Bloc Party (Short Kid-Friendly Version)

2017 LULAC District VIII 5o de Mayo Parade (Marched with full Costume of Characters)

Purpose: The way the play was developed was to educate at the same time; it shares the symbolism and traditions that revolve around the traditional Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead. We have also created a Children’s version we have presented in Schools, and Día de Muertos Festivals.

Written by: Eddie González



“Tres Mujeres Tres Historias” is an anthology of three different stories told in monologues; Rosa, a musician who is a cancer survivor, Olga, a deranged woman who lost her mind due to love, and an overrated actress in distress. 


2016 – Midtown Art Center

2016 – Talento Bilingüe de Houston

Purpose: To promote women empowerment in the arts, by representing strong characters that deal will an emotional coaster ride, and creating awareness in Cancer and Bullying.

Written by: Eddie González



Homenaje Cervantino was a three-day event to honor one of Spain’s greatest writers, Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra, the writer of Don Quixote. We presented the play Los Habladores and every night several local artists came to read fragments of his works. We had flamenco dance and a biographical video of Cervantes


2017 – Midtown Art Center

2017 – Community Family Centers

Purpose: The idea of honoring Cervantes was to show the new generations about this iconic writer of his work far beyond Don Quixote.

Written by: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 



“Tres Mujeres Tres Historias: Tras Puertas Cerradas” is another anthology of three different stories told in monologues of three women who suffer from domestic


2017 – The Purple Carpet (GALA) Organized by La Nota Houston Newspaper

Purpose: To create awareness against domestic violence.

Written by: Eddie González



“Jita La Abejita” is a children’s play about a lazy bee who is given an ultimatum to work, or be kicked out of the hive, and faces a dangerous snake. 


2018 – Community Center

Purpose: We wanted to educate children that lying can get you into trouble, and sometimes in danger, while at the same time that work is important to survive.

Written by: Sureya Mir