Gabby Salazar has shown that talent is the most important thing to be imposed on stage. At age 16 she participated in her first theatrical play with GTI: Grupo de Teatro Indigo, and since then has been ravaging in each of the projects in which she participates. She now forms part of Dos Caras Entertaintment project. In 2012 she was part of the cast “The Bride That Never Was”, giving life to the funny character “Nicolasa”, exploiting her comical side. She went on to participate in “Estigma Seropositivo”, a piece dedicated to the awareness of HIV. This same educational play continued to be presented several times during 2013 in different places, as well as the English version done only in monologues. She has appeared in four presentations on the comical spectacle “Humor es Blanco y Negro” being one of the of the main actresses. She also participated with the theater group Somos Todos with their production “Cada Quien Con Su Marido”. She worked with the director Luis Rey in “El Señor Galindez”, and also gave life to “Mamá Calabaza”, in a production of Angel Miguel. This was presented on two occasions. In November 2013 she also participated in the theatrical play “Prejuicio”. She has become one of the most popular actresses this 2014. In the month of March she returns with the comedy show “Humor es Blanco y Negro”, once again as one of the stellar. In the month of April she returns as “Mamá Calabaza”. In the month of May she participates in the cast “The Bride That Never Was”, and in June with “Prejuicio”.