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Grupo de Teatro Indigo (GTI) is an organization of actors, founded by producers Domingo Banda and Eddie González. The main objective of GTI is that young people and diverse members of the community of the city of Houston interested in the performing arts, have a space in which they have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent through different theatrical presentations that this organization carries out.
GTI opens the doors to all those who, through effort and dedication, wish to achieve their goals in the acting field. The organization has an extensive and varied theatrical repertoire, in which they incorporate different social issues such as racism, abuse of women, gender discrimination, among others.
In 2007 they made their debut with “Indigo”, a work in which they exposed discrimination and racism towards different ethnic groups during the year 1845. This work was presented four times in two years with the aim of raising funds for the Catholic organization “Encuentros Youth Promotion ”.
“La Cape” (2009), a satire that was presented at MECA, where a mockery of the double meaning that Mexicans use when speaking is made.
“The Wife Who Never Was” (2010), deals with topics on psychological disorders such as bipolarity and schizophrenia. It was presented for a month at the Latino Center of the Performing Arts with performances in English and Spanish, and in Houston-TBH Bilingual Talent in 2012 and again in 2014 at the public’s request.
“Abuso” (2010), shows and educates viewers about domestic violence; the work has its own musical theme (of the same name). It was presented at the Centro Latino of the Performing Arts and Midtown Art Center (2012).
“Estigma Ceropositivo” (2012), was presented with the aim of educating the community about the discrimination that surrounds people diagnosed with HIV. The project has been presented with the support of the Latin American Foundation for Social Action (FLAS), in different national HIV conferences, Club Crystal, Lonestar University, Health Fairs, and the Consulate of Mexico. Thanks to this work, FLAS and GTI join their talents to collaborate and create “FlasNovelas” (2015), a project of 10 episodes which were transmitted in a serial format over the internet (web series). In this project, the Mexican singer and actress, Irma Infante, daughter of the idol Pedro Infante, participated. FlasNovelas has been taken to various national conferences, since the content of the stories addresses issues about HIV, drugs, abuse, the LGBT community, among others.
“Prejuicio” (2014), shows the lack of acceptance and support that exists towards the LGBT community. The presentations were made in different places such as: Midtown Art Center, Viviana’s Night Club, and community centers.
“Calavera con Calavera” (2014), in its fourth consecutive year on the billboard, invites us to learn about the history of the Burgos family, who through the work share with the audience the symbolism and traditions that revolve around the traditional celebration of the Day of the Dead. The work has been presented at Midtown Art Center, Talento Bilingüe de Houston, Consulado General de México in Houston and short versions for various festivals.
“Doña Bárbara” (2016), an adaptation of the novel by the Venezuelan, Rómulo Gallegos, was presented at Obsidian Theater, Plaza Americas, and TBH Center.
Grupo de Teatro Indigo is characterized by presenting and proposing innovative theatrical productions with original content developed by the writer and producer of GTI, Eddie González. GTI has always distinguished itself by making works with current themes in which they not only invite the viewer to have a pleasant time but also to reflect on the different social, psychological and emotional situations that the characters in the stories presented go through.